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The Net Zero revolution is underway in the mobility industry, and KYMCO Capital aims to be a leader in the change. KYMCO Capital is a major equity investor in the electrification era focusing on global industry integration and promoting transnational cross-industry solutions. 

We offer local partners the turnkey Ionex Solution, strategic alliances, and international capital cooperation. In 2019, KYMCO Capital invested in Grab, the mobility-service giant in Southeast Asia, to bring Ionex to Indonesia. In 2022, KYMCO Capital invested in LiveWire, the electric motorcycle brand owned by Harley-Davidson, to create product synergies and further expansion.

E-mobility Ecosystem


Based on the industrial resources accumulated in the past decade, KYMCO Capital is building a global e-mobility ecosystem, integrating outstanding teams and talents from different sectors, and marching towards the era of e-mobility revolution.


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2020 E-mobility White Paper

KYMCO Capital released E-mobility White Paper, “The Era of e-Mobility Revolution”, elaborating our analysis on the trends in the mobility industry in Greater China, India and Southeast Asia.
KYMCO Capital believes the reforming of mobility industry is definitely bringing up big opportunities and will transform global industries in various aspects in the next decade.

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