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Arun Plus and KYMCO Launch Aionex:Revolutionising Thailand's E-Motorcycles (Bangkok Post)

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Arun Plus-KYMCO collaborate to launch Aionex, aiming for leadership in Thailand's E-Motorcycle Market.

Arun Plus and KYMCO join forces to introduce Aionex, a collaborative venture dedicated to the production, distribution, and servicing of e-motorcycles in Thailand, operating under the KYMCO brand. With a storied history spanning six decades and a presence in over 100 countries, globally recognized KYMCO aims to lead Thailand's e-motorcycle market. Aionex will provide advanced smart driving technology, convenient battery swapping stations, and seamless after-sales service, all in alignment with KYMCO's dedication to innovation and quality.

The partnership between Arun Plus Company Limited, Kwang Yang Motor Company Limited (KYMCO), and KYMCO CAPITAL PRIVATE EQUITY MANAGEMENT Company Limited has led to the establishment of a joint venture named Aionex Co., Ltd. This collaborative effort focuses on the production, distribution, and provision of battery swapping stations for electric motorcycles, contributing to the modern driving experience in Thailand. KYMCO, a globally acclaimed brand with a remarkable six-decade history in motorcycle manufacturing, presents a diverse range of electric motorcycles, spanning power outputs from 0.8 kW to 8.3 kW, enhancing both driving enjoyment and environmental consciousness.

The execution of the joint venture is contingent on conditions specified in the agreement contract and necessitates approval or extension from pertinent authorities.

Mr. Ekachai Yimsakul, Managing Director of Arun Plus Co., Ltd., remarked that "Aionex" emerges from the collaborative endeavors of Arun Plus and the KYMCO Group, acknowledging the substantial potential within Thailand's motorcycle market, boasting an estimated 22 million motorcycles. Through collaboration with KYMCO, a distinguished global motorcycle manufacturer,electric motorcycles are positioned as avant-garde innovations catering to environmentally conscious consumers. Aionex will extend its maintenance services through PTTOR service stations and strategic partnerships, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Aionex's ambitious plan includes the deployment of 300 ionex battery swapping stations by 2025, offering riders swift battery replacements both within and outside PTT stations. A user-friendly application will assist riders in locating nearby stations, enhancing convenience.

Aionex's intention is to transfer KYMCO's technological prowess to Thai consumers and suppliers, with a focus on domestic components to establish a robust electric motorcycle supply chain. The partnership between Arun Plusand KYMCO aspires to position Thailand as a pivotal ASEAN hub for electric motorcycle production and distribution.

Mr. Ekachai underscored, "Our objective is to propel Thailand to the forefront of ASEAN's e-motorcycle industry through innovation and collaboration."


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