Konrad Young

Industry Expert (Semiconductor)

Konrad Young has been in the semiconductor industry for 31+ years since his Ph.D.  degree from the University of California, Berkeley in 1986.

He is now serving as an independent board member in two public companies including SMIC (0981.HK) and Mayo Human Capital (6738.TWO). He was the first angel investor and now a senior management consultant to a start-up software consulting company, LeadBest Consulting Group.  He also teaches a leadership course at the National Taiwan University and serves as a mentor to a Business Thinking Education Institute(商業思維學院 in Taiwan.

He retired in June 2018 from TSMC, a world-leading foundry company, with 20+-year experiences (4/1998 to 6/2018). He was an R&D director to develop many generations of CMOS advanced logic technology, develop many RD talents, as well as the key architect to establish the TSMC R&D infrastructure/systems, so that TSMC could follow Moore's Law to continue the sub-10nm technology development.

He also worked at the TSMC North America Sales Organization from 11/2005 to 5/2011 as a Field Technical Support director to co-work with key customers as well as the leading University in the semiconductor research area.  Prior to joining TSMC, he was a Fab director at another Taiwanese foundry company WSMC, an R&D deputy director at the Winbond Electronics, and a Fab senior manager at the Chartered Semiconductor, Singapore.  His jobs in US from 1986 to 1994 include a senior member of technical staff at the Hewlett Packard IC Business Division and a research staff at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

During his career, he had published more than 80 technical papers and been  awarded a few patents.  He received the 2003 National Outstanding Scientific and Technology Talent Award and the 2004 National Industrial Innovation Award in Taiwan.